Commercial garage doors

Commercial Garage Doors

As a business owner, your businesses security and assets are paramount. Whether you rent or own your office space, your garage door is important in running your business smoothly and protecting your assets. While it is essential, you should not just go with any garage door that would fit your space. You need to find your needs and your situation to make the right choice.commercial garage doors san jose

Commercial garage doors are different in many ways from residential garage doors. If your garage door is for commercial use, then it is more subjected to a lot of beating day in and day out. Large vehicles and trucks may come and go several times on a daily basis so they need more durability and must comply with standard regulations. Here are some things you need to consider before purchasing and installing a garage door for your business.

Type and Material

Depending on your business, you can have a garage door that is better than the other. Most business establishments use sectional and roller doors. These types can also come with different variants which can serve several purposes. One example is grilles which are used for spaces not concerned with being visible from people from the outside – usually for schools, stores and other small establishments.

Steel is one of the most common materials being used due to its durability and reliability. Steel can endure more force thus making it suitable for possible impacts especially when near traffic. Another option is aluminum due to its weight and the lower risk of rust. They can even be used as partitions for facilities such as warehouses or restaurants.

Size and Style

Garage doors can come with different sizes depending on purpose. This can either be for a small space like a store or larger ones like for warehouses. Usually, these sizes are available on the market, but if you cannot find the exact fit, you can also have it custom-made for you. Some garage doors even have small windows that can let light pass through and some even have designs to make it more special and to show your company’s identity.


One other reason to consider is the need to automate your garage doors for your business. Some garage doors especially for small stores are operated manually. This rings true if your garage door is made from light materials and if the need to open and close it is not often – for example, if it’s only when opening or closing the store or establishment. There is, however, an option to have it automated especially if your space is larger and wider or if the height of the door is high. Another reason to automate is if your doors opens and closes often and several times throughout the day. This is for establishments where trucks and vehicles come and go for delivery and other reasons.

A garage door for your house is a lot different from your garage door for your business. But both of them needs a lot of time to decide upon and a lot of factors need to be considered. Bay Area Garage Doors’ experts from Palo Alto and Redwood City can help you with that decision.

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