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Garage doors are the most prominent feature of a house and typically consume a large space. Searching for a good garage door is not like choosing an interior door. There are a lot of options to consider and most usually, common knowledge is not enough. You need to consider several aspects and might need deeper thinking to get the ideal choice. You might want to know the different type of garage doors and see what suits your needs best.

There’s a variety of garage door

types that are out in the market. Basic types swing up, swing out, roll up or slide to the side. However, different styles and designs have been incorporated to these types and they can come with different shapes and sizes. Here are some examples of garage doors that you can choose from.

Canopy Up and Over

This is the most popular option among other up and over garage doors up to 8 feet wide. It is called Canopy since about 1/3 of the door protrudes out from the framework when opened, thus forming a Canopy.  Canopy doors are usually quick and easy to install. However, there might be added equipment needed to run it thus making it a bit more expensive.

Retractable Up and Over

This is another popular type of garage door due to its simplicity and reliability. It simply swings out and it uses no cables on the door panel lifting operation. Instead, side mounted lifting arms with tension springs attached open the door panel.

Sectional Garage Door

This type of garage door offers smooth operation and greater security. The best feature of this is that it doesn’t swing out when opening and closing since the door is split horizontally into several panels which run in vertical tracks and curves at the top into horizontal tracks to follow the garage roofline. In simple words, once it opens, the horizontal panels move up and lay flat towards the roof.

Roller Shutter Door

Like the sectional garage door, this type does not swing out. But instead of being flat on the roof, it rolls itself on a space above and it consists of many horizontal panels usually made of aluminum.

Round The Corner

This type of garage door is almost the same as the sectional garage door. But instead of going up, it goes sideways. Same concept but is used for limited overhead space and when swinging out is a problem.

Different Materials for Garage Doors

During the early times, garage doors are usually made of timber. Nowadays, a wide variety of materials is used for durability and for style.

Wood Doors: This can include cedar, redwood, fir and meranti. Usually factory stained but can also be finished on-site.

Aluminium Frame Doors: Aluminium panels eliminates the risk of rust but are easier to dent.

Fibre Glass Doors: Fibre glass doors removes the risk of rust, crack and dent but can break due to an impact. This is helpful to admit light without losing security and privacy.

With a lot of options, choosing the right one is daunting. To make sure you can get the right fit for your needs and style, you can get in touch with your nearest garage doors experts in Mountain View, Palo Alto or San José.

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